Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Trails Are Teeming With Activity

I believe the butterfly in the top photo is a checkerspot, but there are so many similar looking ones as well as the frittilaries, that I may need to be corrected by a lepidopterist. The second photo is of two beetles on a daisy. I believe the larger one is a type of longhorned beetle and the smaller may be a Klamath Weed Beetle. They make for a colorful arrangement. These photos were taken yesterday. Today we found almost all of the bugs pictured here for the past week mating. Mostly on Daisies, Yarrow, and Milkweeds. I'll put today's esciting findings on my next post. Meanwhile, the third photo here is of the largest seed cluster I've ever seen on a Salsify. I placed my pocket comb on top for scale. It's 5 inches long. Last is a close-up of Snowy Thistle. Only a few are blooming in this area, but there are hundreds getting ready. Impossibly red!

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