Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Still Spring Around Bucks Lake

My second trip of the season to the Bucks Lake area was on July 17, a week after my first trip. I saw two new species blooming, the Marsh Marigold (Buttercup Family) and a small Larkspur (also Buttercup family). There's still a bit of snow on the trail, especially on the Bucks Creek Loop, and many species of flowers seem to be a month or more behind schedule compared to most years. I wonder if some species will skip this year. I saw no signs of Monkshood anywhere, for instance. The biggest difference in a week's time was in the abundance of Corn Lilies, Leopard Lilies, and Camas. I work every morning at the 3,400' elevation, so it's fun to climb a couple thousand feet in the afternoon and compare notes. Spring really does move up the mountain, so one of the joys of life in Plumas County is a very long spring if you know where to look.

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