Sunday, July 3, 2011

More From The Wet Spot

The spider must have been having fun. He was heavy enough to bend the grass downward and swing in the breeze. The top photo is how I found him and the second one is the result of my twisting the stem of grass for a better view. I think it's a type of wolf spider, but I'm not sure. She must have been confident in her position as there was no attempt to escape. The third photo appealed to me aesthetically. Salsify is going to seed all around this area, but this one was nicely positioned behind a row of Tansy and was framed by some large trees with the river behind. I might develop a pretentious artist's statement to go with it. Next is a bad photo of Water Plantain to show why it is so difficult to get good photos of it. Not only are the tiny flowers quite a distance away from the characteristic leaves, but there are grasses and sedges intruding. I might go back to this spot and "weed out" the distracting plants and try for a "textbook" photo of the Water Plantain. Next is a flower head of Brewer's Angelica which is just beginning to bloom. Later in summer, many of these will be 6 feet tall or taller and will be the late summer "bug magnets." Last is Ninebark, a member of the rose family and an attractive plant, shown here both blossoming and going to seed.

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