Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Little Stem Cell Research

Interpret this any way you wish - was I researching little stem cells (actually, they're all little), or doing a little research on stem cells.  Maybe both.  I just knew I didn't want to take cliched photo of a pumpkin.

Blooming Asters, a bug magnet for Fall.

To me, every flower-pollinator relationship is a wonder.  I got this photo in a nick of time just after my presence disturbed a nearby dog.

How to Make a Dog Growl

For a while, I stood erect while trying to catch a photo of this Cabbage White butterfly on an Aster bush while a beautiful Golden Lab lay around 20 feet away, apparently oblivious to what I was doing.  The butterfly kept coming and going, quicker than I could adjust.  But gradually it started frequenting the lower branches.  I then got down on my knees for a better angle of view.  Suddenly, the Lab got and up barked and growled.  This reminded me of an experience I've had at home recently when my getting down on all fours was a signal to one of our dogs to get angry with me.  I don't know enough of dog behavior to say whether the dog saw me as a potential threatening predator, or potential prey.  I didn't really want to find out, so I cautiously stepped away from the scene.  But not before getting a few more interesting photos.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

My Favorite Sunflowers This Year

AS if they were not tall enough, I cropped this photo to make them seem even taller.  Very impressive, well cared-for. Even make the sky seem bluer. Thank you, Charter School.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Come on Out

Come to this event and learn some things about nature.

Click on the poster for a more readable size.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Nature Bats Last?

I came across this scene on my afternoon walk around town.  I couldn't help but wonder if Mother Nature was trying to tell us something about the state of our democracy.  Ironically, the flag had been attached to our town's funeral home.  Seems fitting after yesterday's confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. I replaced the flag.  Hopefully that will help.

Like a Bear?

While splitting firewood for kindling, I found this fellow hiding under a small piece of bark.  It looked to me like a place that would soon dry up and this little critter would perish.  There was no apparent water source nearby.  It also appeared to me that, like a bear, he'd fattened himself up for the winter.  I wanted him to survive, so I moved him to a nearby place that was more likely to remain humid until the rains resume.  Hopefully, they will.  Pseudacris regilla.