Friday, July 15, 2011

Bucks Lake trip, Part 3

These ten images are the third and final report on my hike along the Mill Creek Trail at Bucks Lake last Sunday. There was still a bit of snow on the trail and the place had the feel of Spring just beginning. I suspect that a hike this weekend would reveal a dozen or more new species of flowers blooming. Click on any of these for a closer view and captions. There are many species of Penstemon and Mimulus that I don't know, so they've just been identified to genus here. This was a quick hike, motivated more by aesthetics than taxonomy. If any botanists out there want to ID and of these, or even send corrections for the ones I've chanced, please feel free. I love that trail, especially when the motorboats are on the other end of the lake. I enjoy meeting fellow-travellers with their DSLRs and field guides as well as friends from my neighborhood. Only a beautiful half hour drive from Quincy to the trail head, the experience reminds me that in my home state of Massachusetts a similar drive would take me through four or five adjacent towns with no such thing as a forest that is not within a town.

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