Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bucks Lake Area, Part 2

Hectic, but enjoyable days. Perhaps getting some of my photo sites mixed up. Began Sunday morning exploring the milkweed spot on Lee Road, then knocked about the ditch near the Safeway parking lot, then went up to Bucks Lake to explore the Mill Creek Trail. Here are 8 photos from Sunday, but now I realize the Pennyroyal (3rd from the top) was seen near Oakland Camp where it had just begun to bloom. It has at least a couple of weeks to go at the higher elevation. At camp, the blooming of Pennyroyal has me anticipating the arrival of the elegant Red-shouldered Ctenucha Moth. The Pussy Paws (top two photos) were on the long straight stretch of road between Bucks Summit and the Lake. Incredibly bright here. In some places, such as along the Mill Creek Trail, they are a more subdued pink or white. The remaining photos were taken along the Mill Creek Trail. Click on each one for a closer view and a caption. I'll have at least one more posting from that hike. It will be "Part 3" of my Bucks Lake report.

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