Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bug Walk Today

The Common Checkered Clerid Beetle is one of those subjects I never tire of. They land on many different species of flowers and I'm always looking for the ultimate color combination. My favorite so far is when this beetle lands on the Checker Bloom. Today I lead 10 - 12 - year olds on a "Bug Walk." On some of these trips I've encountered future entomologists - 10-year-olds that know the common and scientific names of most of the bugs and love to talk about them.
The weather looks promising, so I expect we'll find crab spiders, Jerusalem Crickets, and half a dozen types of beetles.

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  1. This blog is becoming part of my morning ritual...Back in the day, I was really a beetle nut...not the car...not the is good to return to my "beetle roots!"