Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Spring at Bucks Lake

This is the California Indian Pink which usually has five petals. I spotted them on the roadside in Meadow Valley as I was on my way back from the Mill Creek Trail at Bucks Lake. I'd been looking for these for a couple of years, having seen them many years ago in Sierra County. They were like bright red lights shining from under a patch of Brewer's Angelica just east of the turnoff to Spanish Ranch. Be careful where you stop. No good turnouts nearby and people often exit Meadow Valley too fast. Just a hundred yards past the pinks, toward Quincy, is a great patch of Showy Milkweed at a good turnout. Great place to sniff the milkweeds and wait for the arrival of many kinds of beautiful bugs. Will post lots of photos of my findings on the Mill Creek Trail tomorrow.

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