Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Celebration of Weeds

. An actual "wilderness" adventure in downtown Quincy. I stopped by the ditch on Main Street in front of Safeway. The other day I stopped there to photograph the Hooker's Evening Primrose, a giant yellow bloom that was obvious as I drove by. This time I thought I'd explore the entire ditch between the two Main Street entrances to the shopping center. It was kind of like exploring wilderness. I tuned out the sounds of cars and paid attention to bees, flies, and blackbirds. I found over a dozen kinds of wildflowers plus a pan-sized trout! The road department may consider this to be a weed patch and come along soon with weed eaters, but, for now I am enjoying my downtown wilderness. Click on each photo for a close-up and caption. Better yet, grab your camera or sketchbook and spend some time under maple tree here and watch nature in action.

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