Monday, July 4, 2011

Every Day a Holiday for Naturalists

I have guests, so this morning I parked off the pavement. On a whim, I got into "naturalist mode" and tipped over a plank as I got out of my car. Who greeted me but my favorite insect - the Jerusalem Cricket, AKA Potato Bug. I photographed him in the spot where I found him, then relocated him to our flower garden which I think will enhance his survival chances, not to mention provide better background for photos. I expect to visit him periodically.
There are lots of daisies which we didn't plant, along our split rail fence, and they're beginning to attract interesting bugs. This one supports the first Goldenrod Crab Spider I've seen in my yard. Very exciting. Now I'm looking forward to the re-appearance of the Oak Treehoppers.

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  1. Back in my early days as a field naturalist at Camp Monte Toyon, we used to host a multitude of 6th graders from San Jose. The children from Mexico referred to "Potato Bugs" as Ninos de tierra...or "Babes of the Earth." I have never forgotten. Great alternate names that serve as descriptors, que no!