Thursday, June 28, 2018

Flower Chat at Patti's

 I've been an irregular regular since 1977, not longer after the place opened.  Morning Thunder was originally in a building that no longer exists, then it moved to its present location.  Somewhere around 1981 or 1982, I collaborated with craftsman Mark Houston to create an addition to the above sign.  It said Cafe in blue lettering.  Some years later, when Patti took ownership, she changed the name to Patti's Thunder and gave me the Cafe sign where it still resides above my kitchen sink.  Patti, in deference to local culture and tradition, has kept what remains of the original wooden sign and has added her own variations (below photo).
 Patti does a great job every year maintaining the flower garden in front, but also loves wildflowers and hiking in the forests around Bucks Lake. She recently hiked on the trail I've been calling Mill Creek Trail, and she reports the arrival of many showy flowers that had no yet bloomed when I hiked there a couple of weeks ago. Among others, she reports the Leopard Lilies are blooming and the Blue Camas is still blooming.  He described a couple of others that I was not sure about, based on her description, but got me excited about going back up there.  I'm not not finished with my treatment on this blog of my last visit, but within a day or two I'll have new photos and stories to add.
 Here are a couple of closeups from the garden in front of Patti's Thunder.  By the way, the food is great, too.

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