Friday, June 15, 2018

Butterfly Tongue

I'm getting frustrated by the poor Internet service at home, and ATT is making another giant purchase - does that mean service will get better?  Probably not.  So, today I need to go to one of my local coffee shops an try to catch up on my blogging goals.  I have quite a few photos and stories to tell based on recent trips to Oakland Camp, Butterfly Valley, and Caribou.  Meanwhile, the above photo was taken yesterday on the FRC campus.  Watching a butterfly's tongue unroll and enter a disk flower of a daisy is one of the most fascinating things to me on my daily walks. So many other things are happening on the daisies that I never get tired of checking them, one by one, in a big field. While the Goldenrod Crab Spider is till the star of the show, I manage to discover at least one new (to me) species of arthropod visitor every season.

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