Monday, August 31, 2015

No Skippers Today, But....

 I said yesterday that my main goal today was to photograph skippers on the Rabbitbrush by the main entrance to the FRC library.  I was too late.  The bushes were in the shade and it was a bit windy.  So, I'm showing here some activity around said Rabbitbrush last Saturday night.  I made a rushed stop just before the football scrimmage.  Saw no skippers, but did find a friendly lizard (above), and some
 of the Rabbitbrush still looked fresh like it did in early summer, although most of it had gone to seed.
 The light wasn't very good when I got this shot of some sort of wasp or fly on a blooming Gumplant.  Actually, I was more intrigued by the sepals and bracts on the unopened flower in the background.
This close-up was a test of how much cropping I could get away with.  This image represent around 1/10 of the area of the original.  Tomorrow is a new month.  I'm seeing a hint of fall colors.  I think tomorrow I'm going to get some shots of a maple tree in the neighborhood that's starting to turn red, and maybe see what I can do with a full moon..

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