Sunday, August 16, 2015

I Don't Believe in Miracles, but...

 ...I do believe that my old Nikon D40 is messing with my mind.  I wrote here last week about its apparent demise, its resurrection, and its second demise.  It has sat next to my bed for a week, goading me to check camera reviews and plan for my next DSLR while struggling along getting blog photos with that little Canon Powershot.  When I woke up this morning, around 5:30, I picked up the D40 on a whim and turned it on.  I got that same error message that said "internal error; push shutter release again."  Been there, done that.  But, I pushed the shutter button again and the error message went away.  I pushed it again, without aiming at anything in particular, and I got this great photo (above) of my bedroom ceiling!  Resurrection #3?
 I decided that I'd bring the camera along on my morning coffee shop visit and give it a test run afterwards.  Thus, the remaining photos you see here.  I took the Nikon out to Dellinger's Pond and photographed Tansy (above), California Thistle (below), and....
 ...Mullein at the pond, then...
 ...Chicory at the roadside by my car.  It felt sooooo good to be using the Nikon again, although I was saddled with the anxiety that each shot might be the last.
So, the dilemma continues...should I pay to send the camera out to get inspected and fixed?  I had considered its age and limitations and compared to the lower price, additional features - especially HD video - of a new D3300, and also the likelihood (I believe) that my D40 won't last much longer anyway.  Another rationalization comes from the fact I'm about to undertake an educational video project, and the little Canon Elph, or one of the family's cell phones, simply will not do.
This afternoon, I had the opportunity to hike with my wife and her dog out to Gilson Creek, formerly one of my favorite places for nature study, but now famous as a place where the drug cartels have been growing a lot of pot and polluting the surroundings.  I decided not to jinx the fickle Nikon, so I only brought the Canon.  My next post will be a few shots from that adventure.

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