Saturday, August 8, 2015

Two from Texas

 My brother John, a fellow zoology major who also moved on and did lots of things besides zoology, has shared two images from his home territory which is between Dallas and the Oklahoma border.  The top photo is a juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron and the one below is a walking stick. 
We also exchange weather stories since both our states are experiencing different kinds of craziness, and not just politically.
On another note, I've pretty much decided upon a Nikon D3300 which can shoot HD video.  As soon as I learn how to do it, I'll be adding some video clips to the blog.  Meanwhile, I'll post any reasonable shots I'm able to get with the little Canon, and will continue to dip into the archive of photos shot with my old Nikon D40.  It all depends on what sort of story I want to tell.  I'm working on one called "Willful Discomfort."
Also, I need to finish the story of our adventure to the Helgramite Lakes.  So little time......

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