Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Where we were

Near the center of this photo is the summit of Grizzly Peak at 7,711 feet elevation.  A little over a mile to the northwest is a peak listed as 7,322 feet.  I'm wondering if that's where we had lunch, or if it was a the little dot less than a half mile to the northwest of the summit.  I really need to get back up there with my maps and maybe a borrowed GPS.  One of these "lesser" peaks is what appears to be the summit when viewed from the Greenville area.  The true summit actually looks like the true summit when viewed from Quincy. 
Another reason to show this photo is that it's a camera test.  I am impressed!  I recently related the saga of my Nikon getting broken, then fixed.  I've taken over 20,000 photos with it and am getting worried about how long it will last.  So, I borrowed my son's tiny Canon PowerShot Elph 300HS.  It's way smaller than a pack of cigarettes.  In fact, its length and width exactly match my Social Security card, but it's about a half inch thick.  So, if my Nikon dies, I think I'll be content borrowing this little Canon until I can afford a new DSLR.  Now, onward to Grizzly Peak, Part III.

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