Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Views from the lesser camera

I don't mean to beat this story to death.  That is the story about my dead Nikon DSLR and my depending on an inadequate little Canon point-and-shoot while I await the arrival of my new DSLR.  The latter is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but I couldn't wait.  These first two photos are long overdue anyway.  They are Blazing Star that is still blooming in spots along Highway 70 between Quincy and Reno.  These were shot at the roadside just before ascending the grade to the bridge by Williams Loop.  They're been blooming for two months and I keep driving by on my way to Reno without time to stop. 
Also during the past week I checked the status of flowers and other interesting items along the FRC nature trail.  First is a nice specimen of Pine Drops, a saprophytic member of the wintergreen family.
Then some evidence of a visit by a young bear.  Good Chokecherry crop is one thing that attracts them.
Then some Dodder climbing on Serviceberry.  This is the first time I've seen Dodder in bloom.
Then, when I checked the Tansy in my backyard I spotted a nice little bug in the Pentatomid family.  Shield Bug, Stink Bug, and many other names, mostly unbecoming.  My new Nikon is supposed to arrive tomorrow and I should be able to get some new, hi-res photos here by Saturday.

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