Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back to the Canon, and I don't mean Pachelbel's

 I'm getting a little better with this Canon Powershot Elph, but I am not enjoying it.  Too damn small, and too much glare on the viewing screen.  My previous post includes an update on my broken camera adventure.  These photos were taken this afternoon on a hike from the northern end of Oakland Camp out to Gilson Creek where it crosses the Forest Service Road.  As we approached the creek crossing, I saw the first wildflowers that were not yellow.  I say that because along the way were the usual late summer suspects: Star Thistle, Goldenrod, Gum Plant, and a few Arnica.  All five species of Milkweeds had gone to seed or beyond.
 Here's the scene as we approached Gilson Creek, my wife wondering why we took this walk - it was so hot and dry, not fun for walking.  Oh, yeah, it was to exercise the dog, who didn't mind.  She just jumped into Spanish Creek as the need arose. 
 Here are some ripe Rose hips hanging over the creek.
 This California Sister butterfly did not want to sit still.  I wasted a dozen or more shots before she stayed in one spot for more than a few seconds.
 More Rose hips, this time hanging over Spanish Creek proper, a hundred yards upstream from the mouth of Gilson Creek.
Here's a view looking downstream over Spanish Creek.  The Keddie Cascades begin a few hundred yards further downstream.  I saw lots of Bullfrog tadpoles scurry into hiding as I approached the edge.  There was no way I could photograph them with this little camera.

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