Thursday, August 6, 2015

Looking for the Helgramites, Part III

 I could have called this post Helgramites Found, but, the fact is we had only found two or the three or more little lakes that come under this label.  We were still trying to figure the extent of this lake complex as well as trying to decide whether to continue onward, up hill, and maybe still try to reach Mt. Elwell, or to double back and take in the Bears. 

I'll have to save the rest of my text until later because I'm due to photograph a ukulele performance.  However, I need to add one last comment.  Since I made a snide comment about dog poop in my last post, I need to assure my follower(s) that my wife always cleans up after Emma, the Labradoodle you see in this photo of her by the shore of Helgramite #1.  More adventures ahead.  We actually met up with the cowboys who had lost track of their cows.

Emma enjoyed a dip in Helgramite #2.

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