Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Pit Stop on Caribou Road

 The more I explore the drier things look.  That is, until I came to one of the few roadside cascades still looking good.  This was around 5 miles north of Highway 70 on the Caribou Road.  I wandered around for about 10 minutes, celebrating the repair of my camera, and got these photos in or adjacent to the stream that flows into the North Fork of the Feather River.  Around Quincy, most of the Crimson Columbine has already gone to seed, but at this creek it still looks fresh.
 I was surprised to find some Stream Orchid blooming.  The yellowish green flowers blend in so well with various grasses, sedges and rushes, that it would have been easy to miss them.  I usually come to this spot in April to photograph various orchids, so I was really paying attention to finding any that might still be photogenic.
 Even the Poison Oak looked good.  Plenty of white berries to seed next year's crop.
 This Damsel Fly was pretty touchy about my approach.  It took quite a few attempts to get one in focus.

There was lots of Five Finger Fern in the area, looking just as fresh as it did in the Spring.  This little side trip on an errand in the Canyon, was yet another distraction.  I still plan to post photos from three recent hikes to higher altitudes:  Grizzly Peak, Sierra Buttes, and Five Lakes in the vicinity of Alpine Meadows ski area.  I should probably put the camera in a closet until I catch up.

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