Friday, July 20, 2012

Meadow Valley Road Miscellany

On yesterday's excursion down Meadow Valley Road, I saw some nice clusters of Baneberry.  I never seem to notice the flowers earlier in the spring.  They are small and white, and usually grow in shady spots near water.  I've got a couple of places identified from last summer, but I still manage to miss the flowering period in spring.  Can't miss the berries, though.  Bright shiny red.  In the same area were some 4-foot tall Asters and Sierra Currants.  In a large puddle stranded as the creek receded, we stared for a while at little brown clusters of pine needles and gravel under 6 inches of water.  When they started to move around, we realized they were Caddisfly nymphs in their home made casings.  I put one on my hand, and it only took a few seconds before the nymph emerged, wondering where the water went. 

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