Sunday, July 29, 2012

Close to Home, Rewarded

 I decided to take a little break from exploring the forest and instead take a local walk in my neighborhood.  I brought my camera along, just in case, but had low expectations for photography.   I was looking for a cup of decaf and a quiet place to write in my journal.  Well, the best laid plans.....
I didn't even get out of my driveway when I saw an incredible Sow Thistle glowing from the back lighting of the early morning sun.  I see so many things in this image: dragonfly wings, river deltas, and, of course, thistle leaves.

 I decided to take an early morning "break" and cut down the surplus thistles in the yard our dogs use.  This was a huge sacrifice for me because I love the variety of insects and spiders the thistles attract.  Lo and behold. when I came across a tall specimen of some species of Cirsium a white phase Goldenrod Crab Spider glowed near the top.  I decided not to cut that one down.  It is now early evening and I've had three different photos sessions with that spider who seems content to stay on or near that particular flower.  I provoked her a bit to get her to assume different, photogenic positions, but she never tried to escape.
 On that same walk down the driveway, a nice specimen of Chicory, also back lit, beckoned me to take a closer look at its stamens and pistils.  A very beautiful architecture in a flower that is known mostly as an expendable roadside weed.
 There are several patches of Tansy growing near our house, and I always check them for photogenic visitors.  Today's feature is the Pine White butterfly.  I got a shot of it resting and another of it taking off.  That way I got a look at both the topside and underside of the wings for easier identification.
On this walk with low expectations, I took nearly a hundred photos.  I'll be sharing more of them over the next couple of days.  I got my decaf and wrote a few notes in my journal.  An altogether satisfying morning.

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