Thursday, July 5, 2012

Drama on the Milkweeds

Stopped by the patch of Narrow-leaf Milkweeds for the fourth day in a row.  Always something different going on.  Top photo shows Checkered Clerid beetles mating and a couple of butterflies.  The next two photos are repeats.  The cluster of aphids was impressive, and I've learned that the little white beads on the ends of stalks are actually the eggs of Green Lacewings.  Their larvae eat aphids.  Not too surprising considering their location.  While I was researching these on the internet, my friend, fellow naturalist Rex Burress  sent me the low down.  I think he's seen everything that can be seen around Oakland Camp.  I often refer to a species list compiled by him and his predecessor Paul Covel.  I hope to add to it one of these days and update the camp's nature guide.  The bottom photo is a particularly dramatic view of the antennae of that butterfly that is so common on the milkweeds these days.  Haven't identified it yet.  Rex?

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