Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Love This Plant!

I chose the photos and chose the title for this post.  Now I need to take a break, nurse a cold, and think about why I made these choices.  The only disappointing thing, so far, about Gumplant watching is that when they are about to depart for the season they don't make beautify spheres of aerial seeds like dandelions and salsify.  Be back soon with the rest of my musings on Gumplant.


  1. Enjoyed your post. I just did my own post On Pt. Reyes and included several photos on Gumplants at Abbott's Lagoon. What I like about Gumplants is the gummy buds and long bloom period. What I don't like is the challenge of trying to find a "perfect flower"

  2. Thanks, Sandy. I usually avoid looking for the "perfect flower" and I think I'm doping all right with that. :) One of my favorite photos is of a California Poppy that is half eaten by the beetles that also happen to be its pollinators. Not the usual post card material, but satisfies my curmudgeonly tendencies.