Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yellow is the color of the day

We have two common species of yellow violets around Quincy, the Wood Violet, Viola lobata, shown here, and the Pine Violet, Viola pinetorum, which I haven't seen yet this year. I sent these photos to the Plumas Visitors Bureau to launch their Bloom Blog today and I incorrectly called them the Pine Violet. Oh well, I'll correct my error. The blossoms actually look very much alike, but the leaves are entirely different. Notice these are rather lacey or fern-like while those of the Pine Violet are more or less lance-shaped (pointed ovals). The buttercup shown here is one of many yellow species of buttercups in California. I won't venture a guess on this one until i go back and check the entire plant carefully. Suffice to say, it was exciting yesterday morning to set out on my morning commute not expecting to find anything new blooming then to find these two plus some Manzanita. Also, saw the early leaves of several more species that will be blooming soon - shooting star and larkspur among others.

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