Monday, April 11, 2011

Low Expectations, But....

Before I left work today I decided to take a brisk walk around the building hoping to find at least one new flower blooming. Turned out to be one of my best walks since the last snow. The above photos are posted in the order I took them, all in about 15 minutes. Spring is definitely here!
At the top is the first filaree I've seen blooming this year. Also known as Stork's Bill due to its long pointed seed pods, it's a member of the geranium family. Next, I exchanged chatter with a friendly crow until I got a bit too close, then got a photo as it took off. The third photo is of a spider I only discovered last fall, and this is only the second one I've seen. I'm sure it's common, but, true to its name, Stealthy Ground Spider, it's not seen that often. Next, a flower with many names that belongs to the genus Narcissus. Next is a beetle I've labeled 'Elegant Beetle.' That's not its name but rather how I felt about it. I haven't been able to find it in any of my books - yet. Next, one of my all-time favorites, an earwig. When I was a kid, I loved finding literally hundreds, if not thousands, of them wintering in my dad's canvas tarps in the garage. Dad would get angry every spring when he saw how badly chewed his tarps were, then he'd leave the new ones in the same place and repeat the cycle. Lots of people get the creeps over these bugs, but I've never heard of one actually getting into anyone's ear! Last, but not least, I tipped over a rock and found a beautiful Black Widow. She was alert and shiny. I couldn't resist playing with her and getting her onto a stick in order to reveal the classic red hourglass.

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