Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adventures In Nature Journaling

Most of the musings I post in this blog begin as scribblings in one of my nature journals. My journals include a record of observations that interest me at roadside stops during my commute as well as wanderings on Plumas County's many trails and back roads. This record includes words, drawings, watercolor paintings and photos. Whatever way of recording my experiences that seems to fit the occasion. I usually always have the camera and one or more journals in my car. My recent show of nature photos and samples from my journal pages stirred some interest in the activity known as Nature Journaling. I have shared my journaling habit with many biology classes over the years, and am now planning to do so in classes offered to the general public.
At Main Street Artists Gallery in downtown Quincy, I'll be offering a four-week Nature Journaling class on Saturday mornings beginning April 30. Watch for announcements in the Feather River Bulletin or e.mail me c/o Following that class, I'll be offering one through Feather River College for four Saturdays beginning May 28. Soon afterward, tentatively, another four-week session will be offered on Monday mornings.
Each of these four-week sessions will begin at a particular roadside rest stop or trail head to be announced. All will be in the vicinity of Quincy. Specific locations each week will be determined by my reconnaissance trips a week or so before each class session.
For samples of my work, check out the exhibit in the visitors lobby of the Mt. Hough Ranger Station 3 miles north of Quincy.

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