Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Morning Greeting

As far as the songbirds are concerned, Spring began just a couple of days ago. Before sunrise, there's a chorus of several species I recognize plus several more I don't coming from our backyard oaks, pines and firs. Yesterday, at a friend's house I saw several Western Tanagers flying among the California Black Oaks, my signature tree. And this morning, as I was parking at work, I was greeted by several species of chirping birds in the spruce trees surrounding the parking lot. I managed to get photos of House Finches (top) and Brewer's Blackbirds (middle and bottom), and heard lots of Canada Geese circling the area. I could also hear Meadowlarks, but couldn't see them. They blend in quite well with the brown grass and were not yet perching on the fence posts. I wait.

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