Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Little Elegance This Morning

The top photo today is of Elegant Rock Cress, Arabis sparsiflora, a member of the mustard family. I photographed a couple of these two weeks ago at the Greenville Y, and many more looked ready to bloom soon. The next time I stopped by they were all gone. Probably eaten by deer. Well, as of this morning they're back. Dozens in full bloom. Just be careful of all those tipsy rocks if you crawl down there for a look. This is the place I fell a couple of springtimes ago and broke my camera and bashed my knee.
Second photo I'm unsure of. It's a beauty I found on Old Highway south of Keddie. It might be Stout-beaked Toothwort, Cardamine pachystigma, but I'll need to go back to the spot with my Jepson manual and study it more carefully. it's such an obvious beauty, the people in the neighborhood probably know what it is. Keep posted.
At the bottom is a budding Big Leaf Maple, Acer macrophyllum, known in Oregon as Oregon Maple. Soon its flowers will be appearing. The maple is photogenic in all its stages.

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