Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Few for the Birds

A short detour on my way to work this morning was rewarded by sight of this family of Canada Geese, and a pair of deer jumping over a corral fence. The latter came out too blurry to post here, but the memory is vivid. Maybe later I'll figure out how to "download" it with a paintbrush. The Robin was perched above me by the school garden yesterday while I was photographing the season's first Henbit Dead Nettle. Those photos will appear later today. Last, I found this feather of a Red-shafted Flicker during a visit to the Mt. Hough Ranger Station. In the area uphill from the paved walkway, there are hundreds of shooting stars about ready to bloom. They may be Henderson's Shooting Star, or maybe a cultivar. I'll ask in the office next time, or maybe it will be obvious when they bloom. They'll have a nice effect as there is little competing underbrush. A place can be too well groomed to suit me, but this spot looks pretty nice. Translation: I think a number of wild things will bloom here.

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