Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Is Bustin' Out All Over

I have to admit it.  I stole my title from Rogers and Hammerstein.  It was our 8th-grade graduation song.  So, here are some assorted local wildflowers to celebrate the beginning of June.  Above is a Thimbleberry, one from a large patch at the edge of my driveway.   Lots of shade, so they look healthier than the ones I saw by Berry Creek the other day.
The Yellow Salsify, Tragopogon dubius, was growing at the edge of the paved walkway up to the main campus at FRC.  Actually, it's growing all around Quincy, and there's a very tall one growing in my yard which bloomed for the first time this morning.  I'll probably photograph it tomorrow morning.  They close up every afternoon, so I missed my chance today.
Sierra Wild Rose was growing at the edge of West Ranch Road just north of Quincy.
Cinquefoil growing in what was formerly known as my Milkweed Place along Lee Road.  This year, it looks as though the Milkweeds have succumbed to the weed eaters, but the Cinquefoils always come back.
A patch of Ox-eye Daisies growing just below the Courthouse Annex on Golden Eagle Avenue.  I check this area every time I drive by because many species of beautiful insects and spiders visit often.
For example (above), a hover fly.
One the many common species in the Carrot Family that live in our local forests.  Some of them are deadly poisonous.  For some reason beyond my knowledge, two of these photos did not revert to appropriate size when I clicked "publish."  I'll figure it out later.

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