Sunday, June 1, 2014

An Arachnid Gourmand

 My pet Crab Spider had this Bumblebee in its grasp last night when I returned from Reno.  This morning, she's changed her position, but still had the bee.  This was the fourth insect I'd seen in her grasp in the last few days.  Seems like an amazing diet for a spider that seems to sit still all day long. 
 While I was taking pictures this morning, she dropped the bee carcass.  It did look a bit shriveled, so I assumed she'd had her fill.  I picked it up for a photo, then left in the grass for the ants.
The spider immediately assumed the pose of a trap, which she is.  It's a nice sunny day, so I anticipate a lot of activity around the daisies.  I'm looking forward to the next capture.  I'd love to have a video camera I could set to maybe 'film' an actual capture.

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