Monday, June 2, 2014

On Golden Eagle Drive...

 ...there's lots to see if you drive at or below the speed limit.  Of course, if you do that you might get rear-ended by people who've just got to go fast!  First, there's a nice patch of daisies just below the Courthouse Annex.  On a day when there are few or no bug visitors, one can always enjoy the Fibonacci patterns in the disc flowers.  Click for an enlargement to enjoy the patterns even more.
 It gets pretty hot out there in the open field, so by mid-day, the sensible spiders hang beneath the blossoms.  This shady micro-environment can be many degrees cooler than the top surface of the flower.  Imagine having a 60-foot diameter daisy above the roof of your house.  There would be no need for air conditioning.
 Here's a beautiful Hemipteran, otherwise known as a "true" bug.  Only certain bugs are true bugs, and that word bug can be used in many other ways.
 Aha!  There's must be some cow and horse poop in the vicinity.  Even blue-bottle flies probably enjoy the fragrance of a flower now and then.
 Click on this one for a closer view, then imagine all the places it has landed during the day.
Guess what's going on here.  I love watching the adults bringing food to their babies.  Unfortunately, someone will see a little bird poop on the cement below and will decide these birds don't belong here.  So, the specific location will remain a secret - for now.

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