Saturday, June 7, 2014

Seen While Trespassing

 I decided to take our dog for a walk up Boyle Ravine on a trail I've been hiking regularly for over 7 years (critical number), when I came across this beautiful Leopard Lily.  This is the first one I've seen blooming this year, although I know of several other spots near Quincy where they are very close to blooming.  Then I looked up and saw this very disturbing sign.  Someone posing as a Constitutional scholar.  I wonder if the sign was printed in one of Cliven Bundy's barns.  Sad state of affairs.  Or, I wonder if they've cloned that crackpot? 
 I decided to continue with my photography while our dog cooled off in the creek.  Another Leopard Lily nearby was in a very different lighting situation.
 There was lots of Lemmon's Wild Ginger near the creek.  I thought this cluster of leaves was one of the prettiest, despite being adjacent to an ugly plastic pipe.  The blossom below was slightly exposed, so I moved in for a close-up.
 This plant is in the Birthwort Family, along with the Pipevine found at lower elevations.
 I saw something flickering in the dry leaves then spotted this horntail, a non-threatening wasp.  She might have been looking for a place to lay eggs.
 Then, I caught the last blooms of Jewel Flower.  I photographed these in their prime last year around this time, but this year it's so dry they aren't doing well.
I got lots of other photos on this walk.  I'll post more tomorrow morning - after taking another walk.  I want to see what the other side of the sign looks like.
Either tomorrow or the next day, if I don't get shot, I'll have a small celebration as visits to this blog should hit 100,000!  Thanks everybody for viewing and for your feedback.

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