Saturday, June 14, 2014

The things you find around a house...

A friend described a dead bird she found at the top of her outdoor stairway leading to the front entrance of her house.  From her description of the bird and my familiarity with the location, I guessed it was a Towhee, or maybe a young Flicker or Robin.  The description was mostly of the colors.  A description of the beak would have nailed it.  It turns out it was a House Finch.  Still in the same spot a day later, and no ants or other signs of decomposers.  I noticed that it had some pine needles tightly in the grasp of both feet.  I pulled the needles out of one foot, but they were held very tightly in the other.  My hypothesis is that the bird was hit by a passing car and grabbed at whatever was there when it landed.  Sort of a sad scene, but a closer view of the bird than I usually get.

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