Saturday, May 31, 2014

As predicted....

 Got home from a day trip to Reno around 7:00 p.m. and immediately ran over to check on my spider.  Lo and behold, she was not on the clover.  Felt sad for a moment, then noticed she was not on the nearest daisy that had not yet opened.  Then, in other direction, only a foot away, there she was with a new meal in her grasp.
 In the above photo, you can barely make out the Red Clover in the upper right hand corner.
This last photo gives a better angle of the action.  Bee and spider were absolutely still when I arrived, but a slow draining of bodily fluids is probably taking place.  An exciting end to a busy day of errands in the city.  Glad to be home.


  1. You might enjoy this site:
    Scroll down until you come to the story of Henrietta, the spider. Fascinating observations along with really good drawings.


  2. Thanks. I'll check that out right away.

  3. Oh Yes, Elva Paulson. I love her work. I've followed it on the Sketching in Nature blog. She lives in Roseburg, Oregon, where my best friend and fellow writer lives. The Umpqua National Forest is a great place for her work, as I believe the Plumas NF is for me. Great to compare notes with people in different settings. One of my main goals is to show people that there's always great stuff going on in nature no matter where they are. Their back yards, for instance. An extreme example is what I discover teaching about Nature Literature via correspondence to California inmates. They manage to so some great nature writing and sketching in the most sterile environments imaginable. Inspiring.