Monday, June 2, 2014

Love and the Devil

Another variety of Nigella damascena (see previous post).  Many nurseries call this Love-in-a-mist.  Others call it Devil-in-the-bush.  It's also known as Ragged Lady.  Is that an oxymoron?  Interesting that this plant causes humans to conflate images of love and the devil.  A very American sort of thing, I suppose.  The species name, N. damascena, indicates its region of origin.  I wonder what sorts of "common" names the plant is known by in that part of the world.  Thee might be Christian-inspired and Islam inspired names, and one or the other is probably illegal to utter.  I wonder what Assad calls it.  Aren't plants interesting?  It's interesting to look at a distribution map of this plant on the USDA website.  In California it's known to be naturalized only in Sonoma and Contra Costa Counties.  I guess that makes it an alien in Plumas.

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