Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Just In....

 I was getting too sleepy to post Part 3 of yesterday's Gilson Creek hike and begin to post today's Tollgate Creek adventure when my son Greg sent me these two photos from the FRC campus.  At home in downtown Quincy I just got a couple of hail stones and some thunder with barely a sprinkle.  We did experience a sudden drop in temperature, and the clouds made it seem much later than usual.
I've never seen hail of such varied sizes in a single storm.  There must be complicated things going on in the atmosphere.  I can hardly wait to check out the status of the three creeks where I hike at Oakland Camp.  If Mt. Hough got significant rain, then all three creeks should rise.  That's Berry Creek, Tollgate Creek, and Gilson Creek.  And the net effect should cause a noticeable rise in Spanish Creek.  I hope this brief storm will extend the season for wildflowers and their pollinators.

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