Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Addiction Kicked In

 As I said in my previous post, I was not planning on going beyond my front yard.  But the forest across the driveway beckoned.  It was very hot, of course, and I was tired and grimy, but I just had to bring my camera up the hill a bit and see what I could see.  The first photo is of some Thimbleberries that were not quite ripe.  A tease.  Almost immediately, I realized I am more at ease in this forest than I am in my own front yard.  My next photo is of the Trail Plant.  The tiny flowers at the top of long stems, and barely noticeable, but when closely observed, they are obviously in the Daisy or Aster family.  The leaves are green on top and grey underneath.  When you walk through a dense patch of this plant, enough leaves are turned aside that you leave a visible trail for your return trip.  For s short time, that is.  They soon turn back and show only the green tops.
 I turned over a few large pieces of bark and found millipedes under a couple of them. 
 This cluster of berries of the False Solomon's Seal was looking shiny and healthy and before long they will turn bright red.
 The White-stemmed Raspberry was beginning to ripen.  This cheered me up and promised to quench my thirst.  However, despite the bright red look, they were much drier and seedier than last summer, so I spit them out.
 THe Oregon Grape is ripe and the leaves still look fresh and shiny.  They have a waxy coating so they retain moisture better than many of the other broad-leaf plants in the area.
 Like the Raspberry, the Thimbleberry in the sun looked very ripe and tasty, but they were even seedier than the Raspberries.  Photogenic, but not that palatable.
 When I got on the trail above my house, there was a nice view to the East where some thunderheads were gathering.  This view is looking over the roof of my house in the foreground and Quincy Elementary School a few blocks further away.  Argentine Ridge is in the distance.
 Another Oregon Grape caught my eye.  I wish they were as sweet as Blueberries.
 The Prince's Pine has gone to seed along the trail, but still looks somewhat like a flower.
 Despite the dry weather, there is apparently enough moisture under logs and pieces of bark to keep the termites alive.  A also saw a few ground beetles but they escapes before I could click the shutter. 
 I forgot the name of this cute little plant (below).  Most of them were wilted, but this one still looks fairy fresh.  I'll find the name again and insert it later. 
 Last, the currants are ripe and actually tasted reasonably sweet.  I went back to the house with my addiction satisfied.  Tomorrow is another day.  I'll wake up cool with my camera battery charged.

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