Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yuba River drainage, part 2

Enjoyed reminiscing along Highway 49 from Downieville to Nevada City.  Use to travel this route often in the 70s.  Spring wildflowers beginning to show included Forget-me-not (this might be the non-native Myosotis sp. ot the native Stickseed, Hackelia sp.), a member of the Family Boraginaceae.  In the understory of the oak forest were lots of Scotch Broom, an invasive shrub.  This beautiful member of the pea family has become naturalized in the Sierra foothills and some parts of the Coastal Range.  It may be invasive, but its beautiful yellow blossoms (next post) have a great peach-like fragrance.  Beneath the shrubs there were lots of Miner's Lettuce (3rd photo) in bloom.  Also, some great stands of Mistletoe in the oaks.  Provides great bird-watching habitat.  The California Buttercups were out, too, but I was getting hungry by the time I got to North San Juan and needed to drive straight to Nevada City without further stops. But, I'll be back.
Bottom photo is of a particularly large acorn.


  1. Hey Joe,

    The forget-me-not looks like a houndstongue, stickseed indeed.



  2. Right you are. Oh, well, I got the family right. Why isn't this one in Muir? It's quite common and large. Thanks.