Friday, April 27, 2012

Save the Frogs Day should be every day!

I'm sitting in a noisy coffee shop, but it's pleasant noise.  It's foggy this morning, and when I left the house I heard a few Pacific Chorus Frogs (pics 1 and 3 above) chirping.  I love frogs, but they've become California's (and maybe the world's) "Miner's Canaries."  I know, weird combination of images.  To make matters more confusing, canaries got their name from some islands which, in turn, got their name from wild dogs (Canis).  Anyway, at the present time, the rapid decline in frog populations is a serious indicator of environmental degradation in general.  So, tomorrow, which is Save the Frogs Day, do something nice for frogs.  Maybe start by checking out Save the Frogs Day websites and activities.  Then, read about your local species of frogs and toads.  You might fall in love.  Around Quincy, we only have four native species plus the Bullfrog, but whenever I see one I reminisce on the South where I went to college and where there are several dozen species of frogs and toads.  May they all thrive!

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