Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shades of Brown

Coming from a Table Mountain wildflower display where my frame of reference is a myriad of bright colors, a walk in the local woods seems to consist only of green and brown.  Spend a little time here, though, and you realize why the artist's palette includes as many as a dozen or more varieties of brown.  I think I'd need that many, or great skill at blending, in order to render the subjects pictured above in my journal.  I peeked under many pieces of bark and small rocks, and found a few centipedes, but it was still too cold for most invertebrates to activate.  Planning a mid-day hike tomorrow on the other side of the valley with a southern exposure. That should be the equivalent of moving a month ahead in the season.  I fully expect to find several species of flowers blooming and a variety of invertebrates below the duff.  My Sunday evening post should include colors other than brown.

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