Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Didn't see it? Maybe you're driving too fast!

Looks like a couple of rainy days, maybe even a bit of snow.  So, I have three items on my catch-up agenda.  First, I'm still swimming in the sea of dandelion conflict.  Got input from others, both pro and con, as I continue my propaganda on behalf of dandelions.  Then, there's the brief visit to the old apple tree on Lee Road that is always good for a few surprises.  On Saturday, I took a brief drive up Peppard Flat Road, maybe gaining a thousand feet in altitude, to see what I could see.  That's where I got the above photo of Henderson's Shooting Star, Dodecatheon hendersonii.  Peppard Flat Road begins a little over a mile from my house, so it's one of the most convenient ways to gain some altitude.  Most roadside vegetation is covered with dust, of course, and most users of the road, it seems to me, drive too fast.  Thus the title of this post.  I captured a few other interesting images on this drive.  Will post them during this rain break.  On Sunday, I took a hike with my wife to the vicinity of Gilson Creek, beyond Oakland Camp.  The photo of the tunnel in a recent post was taken there.  I have lots of other interesting photos from the hike that will be posted soon. 
On another note, the absence of the Bloom Blog and the Plumas Visitors Bureau is being noticed by various followers around the state and beyond.  Stay tuned, as there are number of people in town involved in resurrecting the Bloom Blog among other features promoting tourism to Plumas County.  I'm looking forward to helping with that project by providing some photos, but I'll do the majority of my posting of spring wildflowers right here.
Currently, there is an exhibit of my photos and a few sketches at the Plumas County Library in Quincy. 
A new show will be hung at the Main Street Artists Gallery in Quincy this weekend, and an Art Walk, showcasing openings at several of Quincy's art venues will be Friday evening, May 4.  I'll have four new pieces at Main Street Artists as will all the other member artists as it's a group show.
Be sure to check out the work of other local artists at the Plumas County Museum, the newly opening Plumas Arts gallery at the old Capitol Club, and the newly re-opened Morning Thunder Cafe, now named Patti's Thunder.  The "art season" is underway.  Let's make it a year 'round thing.

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