Friday, April 27, 2012

Today's favorites!

Did some serious climbing up talus slopes today near Oakland Camp.  At this rate, my boots won't last until summer.  Wore shorts, so I didn't wear holes in the knees - there were no knees!  Saw several species of wildflowers blooming, and several more almost blooming.  Will post more detailed report tomorrow, but for now, here are my two favorite images from the hike.  The blue spots on the Fence Lizard's back indicate he's in mating mood.  As you might guess from the charred log he's sitting on, this area experienced a wildfire.  Only a couple of pines and firs remain standing.  The slope is almost entirely covered with young California Black Oak interspersed with lots of Buck Brush, Deer Brush and Manzanita.  Lots of Dog Violet and Buttercups blooming.

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