Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting a Cat's Attention

I really enjoyed giving a kind of "nature explorer" presentation to Quincy's Out and About Group this morning.  The person who introduced me noticed the "alley cat" snoozing on the carpet and assured everyone that it would probably sleep through the presentation and not bother anyone.  I took that as a challenge and tried to interest the cat by putting the top photo on my screen.  No luck.
Some of the guests were interested in knowing about local trails that I could recommend and someone mentioned the Oakland Camp area in particular.  The second photo here is a map of trails I made while working as the summer naturalist at Oakland Camp.  It marks 5 different trail possibilities leading out of Oakland Camp.  These are all accessible to the general public without entering the camp.  Feel free to print your own copy of this map.  It's not copyrighted.  Soon, I'll post narrative of trail descriptions keyed to numbers on the map.  If you are unable to print this from my blog, email me and I'd be happy to send the map and text as attachments to an email.
Over the course of several springs and summers I've photographed nearly 200 species of wildflowers along these trails, all within a mile or two of easy hiking from where I parked.
Oops!  I just noticed that I've posted the version of my map that does not have the trails numbered.  I'll remedy that either by making it clear in the narrative or by posting a new map with the trail numbered 1 through 5.

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