Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fishing with a Camera

I'm still aching to catch up on stories I've started and promised to continue soon, but the distractions are just too numerous.  On a routine errand at the shopping center, I couldn't stop myself from carrying the camera down to the creek in front of the parking lot.  The gathering of trout was exciting, but I'm still thinking about dandelions.  My naturalist friend Rex Burress in Oroville managed to send me his recent essay about dandelions before I got mine together.  He scooped me on a number of points, but I do think I still have a couple of new things to say.  I hope I can get to it today.  I've made several brief explorations near town since I posted my first dandelion comments.  Each of these hikes had its high points and its collection of photographs.  I need about two hours of uninterrupted time to catch up.  Maybe I'll go park somewhere outside a business with free WiFi powerful enough to reach me.  Otherwise, I'll tackle these posts after the rest of the family has gone to bed.  I'm thinking dandelions, mating beetles, crickets, several species of violets, a flower I haven't identified yet, some notes on non-native species, railroad lore, and the emerging leaves of many species that will be
blooming soon.  When I review the photos, I'll probably find several more topics that need to be addressed.

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