Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sun's Out. Got photos!

It felt strange this morning putting up a post without photos, but it was dreary following last night's snow and I wasn't in the mood.  Then the sun came out around noon, and I just had to see if Mother Nature was rebounding.  First, I stopped at the Main Street Artists Gallery during Quincy's Spring Fling.  Quincy usually pretty quiet on Sundays, but today lots of Main Street merchants were open, and Traci's Sweet Surprises was celebrating their opening at a new location right next to the gallery.  Nice feeling downtown, as if many were coming out of hibernation.  Then it was onward to Lee Road, and Mill Creek Road where I prowled around at the roadsides, breaking in my new jeans with mud on the knees, and got the above photos of nature miscellany.  I suggest clicking on each photo for a closer view.  The "architecture" involved in a Yellow Jacket, a Praying Mantis Egg Case, or a Paper Wasp Nest, is incredible.  Equally fascinating was the slug doing yoga, and two kinds of flowers blooming despite being blasted by wind and snow the previous 24 hours.  The Henbit Dead Nettle, of the mint family, is blooming all over American Valley now, and the cultivated tiny rose bush was growing next to the animal shelter.  A nice outing.  Lots of plants and animals stirring. 

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