Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weed Walk, Part 2

I concluded my walk around the building by wandering through several patches of Henbit Dead Nettle (a mint) and Fiddleneck (a borage), and contemplating the many ironies of this site. First, we have one of the potentially best weed watching sites around Quincy, but there was obviously a plan to spray weedkiller along the fence row. I don't know why it went only a few yards. Maybe a "fellow-traveler" put a stop to it. These photos of Henbit and Fiddleneck should be a testament to what was being killed. Then we have the application of Round-up on one side of the building to kill dandelions in the lawn, and the school's attempt at organic gardening on the other side. The dandelions have already developed resistance to Round-up and lawn mowers! Let's hope the children are as adaptable.

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