Friday, June 3, 2011

A Baker's Dozen, or, Why Stop At The Y?

I'll never tire of this place! The Greenville Y is my favorite pit stop on my commute between Quincy and Greenville. Something different every time. Yesterday, despite an early morning snow - the one I predicted - it warmed up by noon and there were lots of photo ops at the Y.
This will be a busy day, so, for now, I'll just name the subjects of these photos, starting from the top: Bachelor's Buttons (first three), Salsify, AKA Oyster Plant, Variety of Lichens, Cinquefoil, Lupine, Lupine and Cinquefoil, Elegant Rock Cress (2 photos, one with blooms, one gone to seed), Willow gone to seed, a Rocky Plateau, Bedstraw. Accompanying stories later.

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