Monday, June 6, 2011

Am I in Seattle?

I mentioned yesterday that it was pretty damp around here, but I had good luck taking pictures in the rain. Made passing reference to how we compare to Olympic National Park in Washington. Here's some evidence. I actually discovered a beautiful patch of cup fungus growing out of the floor mat in my van. As an enthusiastic naturalist, I'm not sure whether to be excited or embarrassed. I lean toward the former. It's actually an interesting-looking fungus, don't you think? And the worms: I don't know if they are panicking or having a good time, but they're all over the parking lot at school. Some are getting run over, I'm sure. AS a species, they're pretty resilient. I placed a pocket comb in the photo for scale. I'm sure Australians wouldn't be impressed. They have 6-footers there! Worms, that is. I'm not sure about their combs.

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